How can I prepare for migrating to Nexus?

To ensure a successful account migration, you must critically think about the structure of your account and the cleanliness of the data. This migration is a unique opportunity to reflect on the current state of your data and decide which actions will best prepare your account for migration.

Once migrated, you will be in complete control of your data. Our teams will no longer be permitted to make any changes to your data in Nexus. We are doing this to protect your data integrity, so actions completed now will save your team time later.

Actions should be done in order of highest effort first so that you have ample time to prepare prior to your migration date. You can complete these actions directly in the current portal and should stop when you receive an email to confirm your migration will be starting soon.


High Effort Tasks

These tasks may take a while to complete, though they will be worth the effort.

  • Identify People, Accounts & Locations to be removed
  • Identify unique escalation plan formats
  • Changes to organisational structuring: Teams vs Sub-Accounts

Mid Effort Tasks

Less time-consuming but no less important, these tasks will ensure that your organisation is built on Nexus with care. 

  • Review/update Alarm Response Instructions 
  • Create standard Escalation Plan formats by team
  • Add telephone numbers for locations & Managers

Low Effort Tasks

For small decisions with a big impact on your data, think about your preferences, and consider talking to some internal stakeholders before submitting.

  • Company emails for missing applications & login details
  • Risks by job role 
  • Privacy Controls
  • Providing access by role
  • Reporting Group flexibility vs Sub-accounts

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