What if someone does not have access to Nexus that had access to the portal previously?


If there are people who previously had access to the legacy Peoplesafe portal but do not have access on Nexus, this could be for one of two reasons.

  • They did not have a unique and valid email address, which is required to create access on Nexus. Add or open the person on the people page, enabling portal access.
  • They have missed the access email.
    Ask them to check their junk mail for noreply@peoplesafe.co.uk

Check if they have been migrated:

Check if the person exists in Nexus by searching for their name on the people page.
If they do appear within the list, their profile has been migrated. Open the profile by selecting the pen icon to edit their profile. Check if they have an email address and if the portal access is enabled or disabled.

*If the person does not show within the people page read this article.

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