How do Devices Migrate to Nexus?

How do Devices Migrate to Nexus?

When your migration to Nexus has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from us.

At this point, your devices are ready to migrate to Nexus. Users should continue to use their devices as normal, at no point during the migration process will your employees be unprotected. Devices will always be able to raise alarms to the Peoplesafe ARC.

Devices will only migrate from the legacy portal to Nexus when they are switched on and connected with good signal. Prior to migration, they will continue to show usage data on the legacy portal. Devices will be displayed in Nexus but will not show any usage data until the migration process is complete. 

When a device connects to the Peoplesafe platform it will be automatically configured to communicate Nexus. When the device then connects to Nexus, the transfer will complete automatically and seamlessly, with no downtime in service.

Once the migration process is complete, the device will show usage data on Nexus, in the Nexus Reports, and on the Device Details page. 

Reports generated on the legacy portal will no longer show the device as active. Historical data, prior to migration, will remain on the legacy portal and any usage after the migration process will be available in Nexus.

Check which devices have not completed the migration process by changing the last communication date filter to none on the Devices page.

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