How do Apps Migrate to Nexus?

How do Apps Migrate to Nexus?

Process Overview

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A Peoplesafe Nexus login is required for App users.

App users will receive the “Welcome to Peoplesafe” email from Nexus when their profile is created. They must click the login to your account button to create their password.

They will receive a second email, “Peoplesafe App Login Information”, to confirm that they have an app subscription assigned to them.

Users can continue to use their app as usual and will remain connected to the Peoplesafe ARC until they choose to migrate their app, this must be completed by the end of March at the latest. They should only complete the next step when they are safe. Once they log out of the app, they are unable to raise an alarm until they log back into the app.

When a Nexus password has been created, the user can log out from the Settings > User Info page inside the App and log back in using their email address and the password they created. 

This can be completed by the end of March to ensure there is no downtime. Once they have completed the login process, the app will show usage data on Nexus, in the Nexus Reports, and on the Phone Details page.

How to check which Apps have migrated

Check which users have not migrated their Peoplesafe app by selecting the last known communication filter to none on the Apps page. 

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