Migration Communication

We are communicating with all clients about the migration to Nexus. 

Who receives the email communication?

We are contacting any people who have:

  • Opted in for Marketing Communication from us. To check if you are marked as a marketing contact, contact your Account Manager.
  • Any individual on the legacy portal with Group Admin access.  Group Admins are people who can access all sub-accounts in the legacy portal or who manage multiple sub-accounts. 

All emails will be sent from noreply@peoplesafe.co.uk make sure that this is an approved sender by your IT team and is not being incorrectly marked as junk mail. 

What email communication is being sent?

Pre-migration, we will send multiple emails in the lead-up to your account migration date:

  • Notifying clients of the Migration to Nexus 
  • Explaining the benefits of the Nexus Platform
  • Detailing the Process of migrating accounts, people, and products to Nexus 
  • Preparation that can be completed by you to ensure a successful migration 

There are no specific dates and times shared for planned migration dates so we can be agile and optimise efficiency in migrating clients to Nexus. 

At migration, we will notify you that your account has been marked as in progress. During this period, your legacy portal account will be read-only to prevent any changes from being made. The length of time it takes to migrate you will depend on the size of your account. 

Post-migration, we will send an outcome email depending on the success of your migration. 

Anyone with access to the portal or Peoplesafe app will also receive an email from Nexus with an option to create and confirm their password to gain access. 

Peoplesafe app users will also receive confirmation that they have an app subscription assigned to them. 


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