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How do I disable Two Factor Authentification?

When your account is created, your organisations 2FA settings will be set to Enforced.

Administrators can make 2FA optional 

Only your administrators can update the setting from Enforced, to Optional.

This can be done by simply logging into Nexus, selecting Company Profile > Settings and then choosing Optional from the Two-factor authentication drop down option.

Users can then disable 2FA 

If your organisation has chosen Optional 2FA, you can turn it off by opening your profile, in the top right-hand side of the page, and then select Settings

login setting.png

An option for Disabled will then be available in the two-factor authentication settings area. Select Disabled to turn off 2FA then click Submit to save your preference. If the option for Disabled does not appear then 2FA is enforced on your account, please contact your administrator for further information.

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