How to reduce escalation plans for migration

Why do escalation plans work differently on Nexus?

When building Nexus, we worked directly with clients and the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre to build features that improved our customer's experience and enhanced the delivery of our safety service. Our customer development partners fed back that updating escalation plans was a pain point to address. 

We now have escalation contact and Manager profiles, so any changes to contact information will be updated everywhere immediately. Escalation plans link these profiles and allow instructions/information when escalating an alarm. These plans are assigned to teams of people, not individuals so that updates can be made in bulk. 


How can you reduce escalation plans?

Move escalation plans to the sub-account, not on the user's profile. You do not need to update every user profile, just update the sub-account with the title: NEW ESCALATION FOR MIGRATION PLEASE DISREGARD USER ESCALATION


What about Next of Kin/Emergency contacts? 

If your users have next of kin listed in their profile, just update the heading to NEW ESCALATION FOR MIGRATION PLEASE DISREGARD USER ESCALATION UNLESS EMERGENCY CONTACT PROVIDED. 

Emergency contacts will then be added to each users profile in this section when migrated: 




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