Alertcom Alarm Receiving Centre Migration

Why are we moving you to a new Alarm Receiving Centre?

In February 2021, Alertcom became part of the Peoplesafe family which has been at the forefront of delivering innovative, industry-leading lone-worker solutions for more than 20 years. Following this move, we have been working hard to align our technology and high standard of service to ensure that you get the very best personal safety support for your teams. This change means that we are migrating you to their fantastic new online management portal: Nexus. Post-migration, your device will signal into Peoplesafe’s state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Learn about Peoplesafe's ARC here. 

Will the response I receive to an alarm change?

No, the response will not change. Peoplesafe’s ARC is a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre, certified against BS EN 50518:2019 Category 1 and BS 8484:2022 and operated by experienced staff, each one an expert on handling personal safety alarms.


BS 8484:2022 certification provides Peoplesafe subscribers with the highest level of police response via our Unique Reference Number (URN). We hold a full list of URNs for all UK police forces, providing us with direct access to police control rooms, without the need for a 999 call. This guarantees you the fastest possible response in an emergency.


Do I need to commission a new or replacement device before using it?

No, you do not need to do this. All devices are tested and made live before being dispatched so you do not need to commission a new or replacement device.


Can I still test my device if I need to?

We suggest testing your device once every three months. You do not need to contact the ARC before testing. Simply activate the SOS alarm on your device and an ARC Operator will contact you directly through your device to confirm we have received the alarm. If you want to check your GPS location, please ensure your GPS LED is flashing green before activating an alarm.


I am an Escalation Contact, will the number that calls me be different?

If the Peoplesafe ARC need to contact you, the number they will ring you on is 0203 750 0998. Please save this to your contacts list so that you know when we are calling.

The ARC is available 24 hours so that you are protected 24/7. The ARC should only be contacted for emergencies, such as concern for an employees welfare. 

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