How do Standard Mobiles Migrate to Nexus?

When your migration to Nexus has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from us.

At this point, your users are ready to migrate to Nexus. Users can continue to use their phones as normal, at no point during the migration will your employees be unprotected. Users will always be able to raise alarms to the Peoplesafe ARC.

To complete your migration to Nexus, Standard Mobile users must update the telephone numbers in their mobile phones to the Nexus contact numbers below.

Save these numbers

These Nexus phone numbers must be saved into Standard Mobile device, preferably as speed dials in their phone so an alarm can be raised quickly. 

  • Raise an Alarm: 0203 750 0999
  • Non-Emergency / ARC outbound: 0203 750 0998
  • Start, Extend or Cancel Timed Activities: 0203 535 6644
  • Record a Voice Memo: 0203 535 6643

Until the numbers in their phone are changed usage will continue to be reported on the legacy portal, once they are using the new number their usage data will start to show in Nexus.

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