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Safeshores Lone Worker to Peoplesafe Pro App Changes

Now you have upgraded your application, there are some terminology and feature changes you should be aware of, please read through these and complete training to learn how to use the Peoplesafe app correctly.

If you use both clock and tags throughout the day, we recommend that you create a timed activity in the morning for your working day duration, with regular welfare checks that will confirm your well-being at the interval you require.

Safeshores App Term New term Feature Description Changes to expect
Clock Check-In or Timed Activity This feature allows you to show that you have started or ended work for the day. You can now use the check-in or timed activity features to show the start and end of your working day, watch our training to learn more.
Tag Timed Activity with Welfare Checks Timer for specific activities that can raise an alarm if not closed.

Timed activity have the added benefit of periodic welfare checks allowing you to confirm your welfare.

Learn how this works in our training.

Timed Activities replace the Safeshores Tag.

Welfare Check Overrun Protocol At the end of an activity or working day the system checks on the users welfare

For any timed activities that expire, an overrun protocol will be initiated, watch how this works here.

The Overrun protocol replaces the Safeshores Welfare Check.

Alarm Status Call 0203 750 0998 Close any open alarms. For added security, you must now call 0203 750 0998 to close alarms directly with Alarm Controllers.
Tracer Automatic Tracking Automatic position logging These work the same but are named differently.
Clock by phone Call 02081 062426 to Check in or Check out Check-In/Out via phone call

Call this number to check in or out for the day, a timer will not be set.

To set a timer call 0203 535 6644 instead.

Tag by Phone Call 0203 535 6644 to log a timed activity Start, extend, or cancel via phone call Call this number to create an activity with a timer, and watch our training to see how this works.
Sensor Fall Detection Fall / Non-movement alarms

Fall Detection is now enhanced by triggering based on tilt, weightlessness, impact, and nonmovement.

You can adjust the sensitivity inside your application settings.

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