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Migrate your Device to Nexus

You are protected by your device throughout the migration!

  • Devices will migrate automatically; they must be switched on in an area with mobile signal.
  • Throughout the automatic process of migration, by design, you will remain protected by the Alarm Recieving Centre.
  • The migration process is most effective with devices that are switched on and used regularly. 

If you have not switched on your device recently, or you have been told that your device has not yet migrated, please follow these simple steps:

1. Switch it on and place it on charge

Turn your device on, by pressing and holding the on button until the lights display.

Whilst the device is on, place it on charge in an area of good mobile signal (use your phone to check) and leave it charging for at least 4 hours.

2. Test the device 

Take your device off charge and test the call buttons, this will test the device's microphone, speaker, and connection. 

3. Check Nexus

Your device should now report to Nexus, ask your Manager who should be able to see activity on Nexus. 

If your device does not appear in the reporting, please contact Customer Support for further assistance. 

Training Help

If you are not sure how to switch your device on or use the call buttons follow these videos:

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