Alarm Response Admin

This section includes support for Managers with the Alarm Response Admin role enabled. This role allows permission to create and edit Alarm Response Information such as escalation plans, instructions, and locations.

How to add Alarm Resopnse instructions to your team

Alarm Response Instructions allow you to tailor the actions of an Alarm Controller. Best practice is to have one alarm response instruction for your business, to avoid confusion in an emergency,

We recommend reading through our Alarm Response Procedure and completing training to understand how these instructions can alter the alarm process.

Alarm Response Instructions eBook

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  • Alarm closure code setting: Allows you to select the type of information an Alarm Controller will ask to be confirmed when closing an alarm to verify the users identity. 
  • Duress words: Allows you to create covert signals to notify the Alarm Controllers of specific situations.
  • Special instructions: Provide up to 3 special instructions for the Alarm Controller to follow. 


  1. Select Alarm Response Information > Alarm Response Instructions from the menu
  2. Click [+] Add Instructions 
  3. Enter an Instruction name (Required)
  4. Enter a Description (optional)
  5. Select an Alarm closure setting (optional)
  6. Enable Duress words (optional)
  7. Enter a duress and/or monitoring word (optional)
  8. Add Special instructions (optional)
  9. Click Save 

Alarm Response instructions must be added to the company default settings or to specific teams to appear when an alarm is raised. 


You must complete this step to make the instruction available when an alarm is raised for your team members.

  1. Navigate to the Teams page 
  2. Find and select your team 
  3. Click Edit 
  4. Next to Alarm response instructions click Change
  5. Select the name of the instructions to be applied to the team
  6. Click Save


This will prompt the Alarm Controller to confirm the users identity when closing an alarm. This is optional, Alarm Controllers will typically ask the person their name and company name. 

  • Personal PIN Code: This is the PIN code on a personals profile. PINs usually are known to  Peoplesafe Pro App users and should not be selected for device users or App users who have Face or thumb ID set up to replace PIN use.
  • Personal date of birth: To use this, you must ensure all device & app users have their DOB on their personal profile. 
  • Personal code word:  A code word can be added to each users profile by editing the profile. We recommend this is a memorable code and specific to the user, for eample their Employee ID.


These words are covert signals that when used in conversation after the 2nd vibration of an alarm, will alert the controller to the user feeling in danger or unsafe. 

We recommend you ask all staff to memorize these words and complete the personal safety training webinars to understand how to use them in an emergency. 


Special instructions can be provided for the Peoplesafe Alarm Controllers to consider during an alarm situation. The Alarm Controllers will prioritise the user's welfare and the alarm procedures outlined over and above any Special Instructions.

You can add up to 3 special instructions. There are preset instructions available to choose from that Alarm Controllers follow regularly. Anything outside of the preset instructions should be discussed with our team for guidance and support. 

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