Alarm Response Admin

This section includes support for Managers with the Alarm Response Admin role enabled. This role allows permission to create and edit Alarm Response Information such as escalation plans, instructions, and locations.

I have the Alarm Response Admin role, can I create a new Escalation Contact?

As an Alarm Response Admin, you have permission to make changes to your teams escalation plan.

However, this is retricted to creating plans, instructions and locations and assigning these to your team. 

Escalation contacts are essential to the service and should be carefully selected before being assigned to support in emergency alarms. 

Escalation Contacts & Plans eBook 

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You cannot create a new escalation contact without the assistance of your internal Peoplesafe Administrator. Your Administrator normally sits within your Health & Safety, IT or HR team and can add escalaiton contacts for you. To speed this up, you can add a profile for the contact and ask your admin to assign the profile the escalation contact role. 

Once this is completed, you can then add the escalation contact to your escalation plan.

Escalation contacts must understand how to assist the Alarm Recieving Centre when they are called. 

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