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Peoplesafe’s personal safety service is available in 33 European countries, Mexico, Serbia and South Africa in partnership with Eurowatch from Teletrac Navman.

This offers an additional response service that is integrated into existing Peoplesafe subscriptions, to provide enhanced protection for employees travelling outside of the United Kingdom.




Pre-pandemic, business travellers from the UK took approximately 8.98 million business trips abroad annually. When overseas travel or trips to unfamiliar locations are required, the list of potential hazards skyrocket, particularly for employees travelling alone.

Whilst there is an emergency telephone number in place for all countries in the EU, a recent Foreign Office poll found that just 3% of people in the UK know that 112 is the EU emergency phone number. However, even if you are aware of the service, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be put through to an English-speaking operator.



Why are employees more at risk when travelling abroad alone?

    • Tend to carry more cash and valuables (laptops, passport, etc)
    • Find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings
    • A potential language barrier can cause conflict where it could’ve normally been avoided
    • Not familiar with local customs and etiquette
    • Criminals target tourists / travellers

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