Managing People

Edit, view & manage people within your teams

How to add a person to your team

How to add a person to your team

  • Login to Nexus
  • Select Teams from the menu 
  • Click on the team name you wish to add a person to
  • Click on the [+] Create Person button

How to Activate a User Profile 

  1. Select the roles required for the person.
  2. Only people with the User role can have devices and or apps assigned to them.  
  3. Enable or disable access if the person requires access to the Portal or the Peoplesafe App. App Users must have access enabled to login to the Peoplesafe app. Device users only require access if they are allowed to update their own profiles.
  4. Peoplesafe requires the name, surname, and at least one contact number for the person. Mark one phone number as primary
  5. If the user has access enabled, you must also provide their email address.  
  6. You must also provide the users sex assigned at birth to activate the profile. Prefer not to say can be chosen and you can select a title for the Alarm Controllers to address them by.
  7. If the person is a User, they will also need to be activated to have a device and or app assigned to them. 
  8. You can now Activate and save the profile, though, we ask that you provide as much other information for the user as possible.

All the fields on the profile have a purpose:

What to do next? 

You will need to assign a device or application to the team member and ask them to complete training before using the service. 


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