Managing Multiple Teams

How to maintain multiple teams in Nexus as a Manager

How to create another Team

As a Manager, you can create additional teams if you manage multiple groups of people or if you want to collect people in your team into smaller teams for reporting purposes. 

This article will outline how to create a team and add team members. 


Create a Team 

  1. Go to Teams

  2. Select [+] Add 

  3. Enter a Name for your new team (Required) 

  4. Enter Description (Optional) 

  5. Select a Location to add to the team (Optional)

  6. Select an Alarm response instruction (Optional) 

  7. Select an Escalation plan*

  8. You will be automatically assigned as the Manager of this team

  9. Click Save

*Make sure you know which escalation plan relates to your team member and assign this plan!
Escalation plans are essential to the function of the Peoplesafe service. 

Adding Team Members 

  1. Go to Teams
  2. Select your team from the list
  3. Select Manage
  4. Use the search box and/or filters to find the people you would like to add to the team. 
    Only people you already Manage will appear within this list.
  5. Select the people using the tick boxes or Add buttons
  6. Click Proceed
  7. Finally, click Confirm if the correct changes to your team are shown.

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