Managing Multiple Teams

How to maintain multiple teams in Nexus as a Manager

How to move people between teams you manage

This article explains how to move a person's profile from one team to another. As a manger, to move people between teams, you must be assigned as the Manager of both teams, the team you are removing the person from, and the team you are adding the person to. 

You can check if you manage these teams by opening Nexus and checking the Teams page to see if you can see both team names. If you do not have access to both teams, you will need your internal company administrator to assign you as a manager of the missing team. 

If you have multiple teams, you can see which teams a user is assigned to on their profile and select the name to open the team.

On the People page 

Best for moving a single person from one team to another. 

  1. On the People page, search for the person's name
  2. Open their profile by selecting their name 
  3. At the top of the profile  click the [+]Team button 
  4. First, input the name of the team you are adding the person to and select it from the drop-down list. 
  5. Then, click the cross icon on the team you want to remove the person from.

On the Teams page

Best for moving multiple people between teams.

First, find the team you want to move the users to by opening the team's page in Nexus and selecting the team name of the team you would like to add the person to. Complete the steps below to add people to the team. 

Next, find the team you want to remove the users from. Once the team is selected, follow the same steps below to remove the users. 

Add or Remove Team Members

  1. Navigate to the Teams page
  2. Select the team you are adding people to (or removing people from)
  3. Click Manage 
  4. Use the search box and or filters to find the people you would like to add to the team. 
    Only people you already Manage will appear within this list.
  5. Select the people using the tick boxes or Add/Remove buttons
  6. Select Proceed
  7. Finally, click Confirm if the correct changes to your team are shown.



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