Alarm Response Admin

This section includes support for Managers with the Alarm Response Admin role enabled. This role allows permission to create and edit Alarm Response Information such as escalation plans, instructions, and locations.

How to update your teams escalation plan

As an Alarm Response Admin, you have permission to make changes to your teams escalation plan. Escalation plans are essential to the Peoplesafe service, as they indicate who can support our Alarm Reing Centre when managing your team members' alarms and incidents. 

It is important to understand how escalation plans work before making any changes:

Escalation Contacts & Plans eBook 

Click here to read. 


Review & Edit your escalation plan

  1. Navigate to the teams page
  2. Select your team
  3. Next to the escalation plan click the Details link
  4. This will open the escalation plan with its name, description, assigned contacts and instructions for review 
  5. Click Edit  to make the required changes

When editing an escalaiton plan you can:

  • Add or remove escalation contacts from the plan
  • Add, edit or remove instructions

Create a New Escalation Plan 

If you do not want to use an existing escalation plan, you can create a new one. 

Follow the steps outlined in the video below:

Remember to allocate this plan to your team by editing your team and updating the escalation plan before saving!

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