Alarm Response Admin

This section includes support for Managers with the Alarm Response Admin role enabled. This role allows permission to create and edit Alarm Response Information such as escalation plans, instructions, and locations.

How to add a new escalation plan for your team


Before adding an escalation plan, first check your team on the team's page for any existing plans. If the plan cannot be updated, create a new plan then assign this to your team. 

As an Alarm Response Admin, you have permission to make changes to your teams escalation plan. Escalation plans are essential to the Peoplesafe service, as they indicate who can support our Alarm Reing Centre when managing your team members' alarms and incidents. 

It is important to understand how escalation plans work before making any changes:

Escalation Contacts & Plans eBook 

Click here to read. 

Add an Escalation Plan 

  1. Open the Alarm Response Information option on the menu, then select Escalation Plans.  
  2. Click [+] Add
  3. Enter a name and description so the plan is easy to identify later. 
  4. Select the Escalation Contacts drop down to find and choose the contacts  
  5. You must add a minimum of 3 contacts.
  6. Click the [+] Instruction button to add the first instruction.
  7. In each instruction provide some information about the instruction, such as the order to call, working hours of the contact or other information the Alarm Controller may need to know.
  8. Choose the Action type, of call, SMS, or email. We recommend mainly using calls.  
  9. Select a Contact for the instruction, either escalation contact, team manager or location.
  10. Select the phone number to use for that contacts instruction.
  11. Please remember to provide 24/7 support in any escalation plan as Alarm Controllers will use any response options available, regardless of the time, to prioritise the user’s safety.  
  12. Enter any Notes to this plan for additional information (optional)
  13. Click Save to create he Escalation Plan.  
  14. To edit this plan in the future, find the plan and select the pencil icon.  
  15. To show these instructions to Alarm Controllers, you must now add them to your company settings or to a specific team. 


Assign the plan to your team

You must complete this step to make the instruction available when an alarm is raised for your team members.

  1. Open the Teams Page 
  2. Locate your team name 
  3. Select the team 
  4. Edit 
  5. Next to Alarm Response Instructions select change
  6. Enter the name of your instruction created 
  7. Save 

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