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How do I provide login access?

Nexus Portal Access

Portal Access can be enabled or disabled when adding or editing a person’s profile on Nexus.  

Enable or Disable Access

With Portal Access enabled you must also provide an email address to save the profile.  

Saving the profile with Portal Access enabled will send an automatic email asking them to login to their Nexus Account.

Nexus passwords can be edited at any time by selecting the profile icon and changing your password. 

To remove Portal Access, edit the persons profile, disable portal access, and save.  

Who should have access?

We require a minimum of one admin with access to Nexus.  

We recommend team managers have access to Nexus as they have a duty of care to ensure their team members are utilising their PPE correctly when working at risk.  

Users of a Peoplesafe App will require Portal Access, as their Nexus profile login credentials are used to Login to the Peoplesafe App..  

It is your choice to provide escalation contacts or device users with access to Nexus to update their own profiles.  


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