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How to sign in with Microsoft (SSO)

Nexus supports Single sign-on (SSO) logins with a Microsoft account. SSO provides the ability for employees to log in just one time with one set of credentials.

Once you have followed this guide to sign in using your Microsoft credentials, your Nexus password is no longer required

The Peoplesafe App does support SSO, and mobile app users can log into the Peoplesafe PRo or SOS app by selecting the option to sign in with Microsoft.

How to sign in with Microsoft 

Open Nexus and click on the Sign in with Microsoft button.

Microsfot login.png

You will then be taken to Microsoft sign in, enter your email address and click Next

SSO first time.png

You may then be asked to accept that Peoplesafe has access to your profile so that your Microsoft credentials to access Nexus.

If you get a message to contact your administrator, speak with your IT team and continue to use your Nexus password until they can assist you. 

SSO accept permissions.png

A constent page will be shown on the screen for you to Accept that you will only be able to access Nexus using Microsoft sign-on.

Nexus SSO sign off.png

If you do try to log in using your Nexus email & password, you will be reminded with this information message to login using your Microsoft credentials: 

SSO default .png

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