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Can Managers manage multiple teams?


You can add multiple managers to a team. Managers can also be added to multiple teams.

When logged in, a Manager will be able to view and edit any teams they manage. Their dashboard will display all teams combined and then can filter their dashboard between teams to view a specific team. 

Adding a Manager to a Team

To add a new team, go to the menu and select Teams then click the add button to create a team for the Manager to be assigned to. 

To edit an existing team, open the teams page, then select the edit icon on the team you would like to assign a Manager to.

Use the drop-down menu to select a Team Manager or multiple team managers. 

Unless a manager is added to a team and has portal access enabled, they will be unable to view information on Nexus. If a manager has portal access but is not assigned to manage a team, they will not be able to view data in Nexus.  Check if they have portal access enabled on their profile. 

Here is an example of a Manager with portal access disabled. 

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