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Can a User be added to multiple teams?


Users can be added to multiple teams in Nexus to allow you more flexibility. They will always have a Primary Team which will be the first team they are added to as default. You can change their primary team at any time. 

Primary Team

People can be added to multiple teams to provide more flexible reporting, and we need to identify the persons main, primary, team for their line manager and alarm response information.  

The alarm response information for their primary team will appear first when an alarm is raised. The Alarm Controller will have access to all the other teams alarm response details the person is a member of and/or company alarm response information should they need it. 

A user’s primary team will be the first team they are added to by default. You can update a primary team by selecting the user and clicking on the option to change their primary team. A drop-down menu will appear, select the team you would like to set then select apply.  



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