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What should I do if I feel unsafe?

Peoplesafe Alarm Controllers can help put you at ease when feeling unsafe, you no longer need to be alone when you are afraid, as support is just a button away.  

Depending on how threatened you feel your safety may be, you have the option to be use our Monitor Me or Precautionary alarm services. Alarm Controllers want to protect and support you in any situation where you could be put in danger.  

Monitor Me 

Monitor Me should be used when you feel an imminent threat to your safety. For example, walking in a dark car park alone and feel a gut instinct that something is not right.  

Simply raise an alarm and state your duress word for monitoring or ask the Alarm Controller ‘Can you monitor me?’.  

The Alarm Controller will then stay on the alarm, monitoring your situation to assess if any changes occur that could impact your safety. The Alarm Controller may remain silent or engage in conversation to put you at ease – depending on the situation at hand.  

Alarm Controllers are dedicated to responding to emergency incidents and cannot monitor you indefinitely but will do their best to support you until you feel reassured and safe.  

*You can set two kinds of duress words when creating Alarm Response Instructions. A monitor duress word allows you to discreetly communicate that you feel unsafe.  

Precautionary Alarms  

Precautionary alarms should be used when you feel your task may carry a higher risk to your safety but may take some time to carry out. For example, attending an appointment for 30 minutes with a person who is known to be violent.  

Simply raise an alarm prior to completing the task (out of earshot of any potential aggressors) and let the Alarm Controller know what your task involves, the risk and that you could raise a real alarm within the time* your task takes to complete.  

The Alarm Controller will log a note on your profile that will flag your profile as high risk, with the information you provided. If you then feel in danger, raise the alarm and the Alarm Controller will respond with increased urgency and validated information to dispatch police should it be needed.  

*This does not replace our timed activity feature, please use a timed activity alongside precautionary alarms so that we can confirm your safety once your timer expires. 

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