Personal Safety Training

Why do I need to use my device/app?

Why you need to use a personal safety device/app:

People die whilst working and you could be one of them. 

123 workers were killed between April 2021 to April 2022 and a further 80 members of the public died due to work-related activities. While this is the worst case scenario, many more people are injured or injure others when working and using personal safety technology allows you to get lifesaving support as quickly as possible.



Risks you face:


Even if you do not work in one of the above industries, your Health & Safety team will have completed a risk assessment for the job you do and found that you have significant risks whilst working. These risks can vary depending on the tasks you complete. The largest unknown is usually the people you interact with, using your personal safety device/app will allow you to record evidence during alarms to protect you during conflict.

Real life alarms:

Reasons to remember your personal safety device or app:

Download our inforgraphics to print and place them where they can be seen to remind others to keep themselves safe. 

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