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Peoplesafe Alert App Installation


How Peoplesafe Alert is used

Our emergency notification system has a range of different use cases to ensure control throughout crisis management, including:

  • To warn and inform staff of a critical event (e.g. cyber attack)
  • To help protect the welfare and security of staff near an active emergency
  • To lockdown and evacuate sites during emergencies
  • To notify staff of critical events while working remotely
  • To help mobilise key responders

We provide businesses with a dedicated and independent system to communicate with staff during an incident.


Peoplesafe Alert with SMS

We offer an alternative message delivery channel via SMS that compliments the core app-based service to help assist:

  • messages to be sent to more informal contacts, such as contractors, customers, supply chain, etc. about the critical event and how they can remain safe
  • mass communications to large communities of users, such as local authority areas for civil contingency purposes.

Using Peoplesafe Alert with SMS guarantees accurate message transmission through a carrier-grade SS7 service that is designed to be highly reliable and robust. Up to 1,000 SMS messages can be sent per second enabling you to swiftly reach large groups of people, regardless of where they are located.

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