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Can I use the Peoplesafe app on an iPad or Android Tablet?

The Peoplesafe service requires that users are be contactable by phone at all times.

Apple iPads and most Android Tablets are unable to make or receive phone calls, to use the Peoplesafe app on this type of device you must also install the app on your smart phone.

During the install and setup process on these types of devices you must use your mobile phone number because your mobile is:

  1. Is accessible at all times
  2. Can receive SMS messages
  3. Can receive phone calls

How to login to the Peoplesafe app on a tablet

Step 1 - Download

Download the app to the device:

Step 2 - Login

Open the Peoplesafe App, and input your email address and password.

If this is your first time logging into Peoplesafe, or are unsure what the details should be please refer to these articles for further guideance:

Step 3 - Phone number

Input your smartphones phone number.

Do not use the phone number from:

  • Data only SIMs
  • devices that can not receive text messages
  • devices that can not receive phone calls

Step 4 - Verification

Finally the system will send a one-time use verification code, input this code to complete the login process.

Step 5 - Complete

Once you have successfully verified your phone number, you will be logged into the Peoplesafe app. Please read the Pro App Training article and Peoplesafe Pro App Training Video to learn how to get the most out of Peoplesafe.

How will SOS Alarms work if my iPad/Tablet can't make a phone call?

When raising an SOS Alarm the Peoplesafe App will use a technology called Voice Over IP (VOIP), which utilises a data connection, instead of a phone call, so you can engage in two-way conversation with the Alarm Receiving Centre.

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