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Understanding Peoplesafe App Permissions

The Peoplesafe app requests various permissions to ensure your safety and well-being. This table explains why each permission is required.

Permission Required Purpose
Notifications We use notifications to keep you informed and check on your safety. Alerts for reminders for expiring timed activities, welfare checks, and signal loss.
Device location – always on, precise Location Services access ensures our Alarm Receiving Centre can quickly locate you and send help in case of an emergency.
Microphone / Record audio When an alarm is activated, in an emergency, you can initiate a direct call to our Alarm Receiving Centre through the app. The app requires access to your microphone to enable two-way communication.
Find, connect to and determine relative position of nearby devices. In some situations, GPS might not be available indoors or have a weak signal. By identifying nearby Wi-Fi networks, the app can help approximate your location, even without a strong GPS signal.
Phone - make and manage phone calls

To ensure you can always reach help quickly, we request permission to access your phone's calling functions.  

In an emergency, you can initiate a direct call to our Alarm Receiving Centre through the app, even if you can't access the app functions themselves.

Let app run in the background (Android) To ensure your safety when you're not actively using the app the Peoplesafe app utilises a background service on Android. Safety features, like discreet alarms and fall detection continue to function, even when your phone is locked, or the app is minimised.
Display on top - over other apps (Android)

To ensure a reliable connection and clear communication, we temporarily "Display over other apps", providing a priority call screen for uninterrupted communication in critical situations.

Without display on top permission granted Android does not provide access to the microphone on the device.

DND Access Critical alerts bypass Do Not Disturb to ensure you are alerted, for example when a Welfare Check is required, or a Timed Activity has expired.

Optional Permissions:

These permissions enhance specific functionalities but are not mandatory for basic operation.

Permission Required Purpose
Camera Use your camera to scan a QR code for SureCam dashcam (optional).
Contacts Share location with your contacts - SOS app only (optional).
Bluetooth The app requires access to Bluetooth to connect to your Peoplesafe Smart Button and/or your Reveal Body Worn camera (optional).

We are transparent about the permissions we request and use them only for the stated purposes. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Peoplesafe Support.

  • Our commitment is to your safety and privacy. We use permissions responsibly and only for their intended purposes. By allowing these permissions, you ensure a reliable connection with the ARC when you need it most.

  • You are always in control of your location settings. You can adjust these permissions in your phone's settings at any time.

  • Background Services and Battery Usage We understand the importance of battery life. PeopleSafe's background services are optimized for minimal battery consumption.

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