Checking faults and raising a replacement


Like all technology, devices can wear over time, depending on usage.

If you feel you may have a fault on your device, please check these simple steps first and if your are still experiencing the fault, raise a ticket with our Customer Support team who can test your device remotely for faults.

  1. Is your device charging? 
    One simple step is to try charging your device with a different charging cable or plug. Also, try and charge your device from a wall socket instead of a laptop / computer
  2. Is your device connecting to our servers?
    Conduct a test call on our test line through your device to establish if you are able to connect to our services
  3. Can you raise an SOS?
    Attemp an SOS test call to our ARC to see if you are still able to raise alarms. Please make sure you let our controllers know that you are raising a test call so they do not escalate your alarm
  4. Are the Network Indicator lights working?
    If these are staying on and not turning off on the device, or they are not working at all, it may mean that the SIM card has failed to register with the device. The device needs to be restarted to rectify the problem. If the problem persists, the battery may be low in power and may need recharging immediately. To switch the device on or off  in this state, press and hold the side ‘On/Off’ button for four seconds.

    Most of the time, our Customer Support team can fix faults remotely over the air, or replace the device free of charge if necessary. Replacement devices take an average of 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to be received and will include a link to a Royal Mail returns portal to send your existing device back to us 



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