Alarm, Usage & Management Reporting.

How to schedule a report for your account

Reports can be scheduled from Nexus directly to your inbox so that you do not have to log into Nexus to check the use of devices/apps. While most reports are available for scheduling, we recommend utilising reports that provide an overview (Usage Report for example) and using Nexus to dig into more detail so that you can benefit from the data and filters available. 

Charts and graphs are only available in Nexus, so reports emailed will include the table of data for the filters applied. 

Choose a Report 

Before you can schedule a report, you must open the reports page on Nexus and select a report.

Reports that can be scheduled:

  • Usage Report - Our client's favorite to show inactive users. 
  • Alarm Report - Another favorite to show types and triggers of alarms.
  • User Status Report - Detail on current activity taking place for safety features. 
  • Management Report - A full account overview in charts & graphs,  a link to access the report in Nexus, and export to PDF. 
  • Activity Report - Every automatic and manual event for all users is selected in chronological order, run this in Nexus itself for the best experience. 

Select your filters 

Once you have selected the report, choose the filters you want to apply, these will be applied in the report when it is delivered. Filters vary across different reports, here are some we recommend: 

Usage Report 

Inactive Users only: Choose the filter for active usage as ‘inactive’ and set the report to be sent daily, mid-morning, and contact inactive employees to make sure they are working and protected by Peoplesafe. 

Alarms Report 

Real Incidents only: Choose the filter for Alarm Type to Real Incident to receive regular reports that contain genuine emergencies. 

User Status Report 

Checked in/out: Choose the filter for check status and set this daily to understand if employees have started or finished work safely. 


Once you have chosen your report and selected your filters, press the apply button then select the schedule button. 

This will take you to the schedule report screen. 

  1. Your email address will be in the 'Delivered to' section automatically. You can add recipients here. 
  2. Enter a name for your report
  3. Select a report frequency 
  4. Select the time/day
  5. Schedule to save



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