Onboarding Peoplesafe

Here you can learn how to efficiently set up your Nexus account and learn best practices from our experts

How to quickly set up Peoplesafe

This article is aimed at new clients setting up their first order, if you are in a rush to get your people protected – here are the minimum essential actions.


When your order is processed, you will receive access to Nexus, the email will be sent from noreply@peoplesafe.co.uk with the subject: Welcome to Peoplesafe. Select the link to create and confirm your password. Once you have access, complete these steps: 


1. Add or Import Users and Escalation Contacts

2. Create an Escalation Plan

Once you have your escalation contacts in Nexus, you can create an escalation plan and assign this plan to your company profile settings, so that it applies to everyone. 

3. Assign Apps or Devices

4. Issue training

Access e-Learning, user guides, flyers, and videos here: Peoplesafe Personal Safety Training

Tell your team if they have fall detection and which features you want them to use and learn about before they complete their training. 



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