Onboarding Peoplesafe

Here you can learn how to efficiently set up your Nexus account and learn best practices from our experts

Implementation Checklist

Before going live, please complete the suggested implementation check list:

Key Dates Scoped     
Policies reviewed / updated and communicated.      
Best practice guidelines written.      
Blocks removed for Peoplesafe websites/apps (if required)     
Communication plan written and scheduled.      
Training for managers, users, admins and escalation contacts scoped and scheduled.      
People Uploaded into Nexus.     
Escalation pathway/pathways created.     
Alarm instructions written (if required).      
Managers assigned to teams (if required)     
Devices allocated      
Devices Handed Out (not applicable for apps).     
Starters / leavers process scoped     
Replacement / lost device process scoped (not applicable for apps).     

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