Onboarding Peoplesafe

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The first 4 steps of Implementation - our best practice

Implementation is the most crucial stage in ensuring all employees, managers, and service users adopt the product and services to be fully protected by Peoplesafe.   Clients who have followed this process see adoption of personal safety products between 70-100% within the first 30 days.   

Step 1 – Identify Key Stakeholders 

Before rolling out Peoplesafe, action will need to be taken by several people across your organisation. To ensure this happens effectively, assemble a team of key stakeholders, and share the importance of the Peoplesafe service. Share this with them before your first project meeting:



Key Stakeholders:  

•              A Project Lead 
Responsible for delivering the successful implementation of Peoplesafe technology into the business. This role would set and oversee the project timeline and hold people accountable of outstanding actions. 

•              A Health & Safety Team Member  
Responsible for setting the policies and procedures around personal technology devices/applications for end users, managers and all others who will use Peoplesafe 

•              Learning & Development  
Responsible for setting up an internal communications plan to ensure everyone is aware of requirements pre and post onboarding of the technology. Training plans for all would also be scoped.  

•              IT Team Member/ Administrator 

Responsible to ensure DPIA has been completed and that all potential sites/apps that will be used with Peoplesafe are compatible with internal systems.


Step 2 – Have your first meeting  

Within your first project meeting, or prior to it taking place, the below actions should be completed: 

•              Current personal safety/lone worker policy should be shared. 

•              Current risk profiles for employees to be protected by Peoplesafe should be shared 

•              Peoplesafe emails and sites should be added to your Network  

•              A data collection source or process should be identified 


Step 3 - Update your policies 

Policy Review eBook 

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Step 4 - Training & Communication

Preparing communication and training plans is vital for the success of the personal safety tech launch within your business. Please read this eBook for further information. 

Communicate & Educate eBook

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