Onboarding Peoplesafe

Here you can learn how to efficiently set up your Nexus account and learn best practices from our experts

Training your employees - our best practice

Peoplesafe offer a large range of training including weekly webinars, eLearning and How to Guides: 



We recommend all device/application users complete eLearning prior to using their device for the first time. The eLearning includes a mixture of statements, videos, infographics and questions to help the user understand how the devices work.


Our devices come in several configurations, it is important you ensure your users know their device configuration and which training package they should complete. Training can be accessed via a link or a QR within the device box.


Once the user has completed their training, a summary email is sent directly to the email they inputted as their manager.


Personal Safety Welcome Pack 

This pack serves as a summary of our webinar training and includes everything you need to know on:

  • How to prevent incidents 
  • How to raise an alarm 
  • How alarms are received and responded too
  • All training materials for your app or device. 

Click here to open our Personal Safety Welcome Pack 




Our customer success team run weekly webinar sessions covering the whole service. We recommend main contacts/ managers/ admins attend a training session prior to go live for further knowledge. For end users who need further training after eLearning, please advise they attend a device/app session.


Once a session is completed, a recording is sent to the attendee for future viewing.


Free Live Training 

Join any of our live weekly webinars for free or play them on-demand at the link below. 

Webinar Registration 

We host webinars for:

  • Administrators -  everything you need to know to onboard Peoplesafe
  • Managers - how to support open alarms and make sure your team members are protected. 
  • Device users - How alarms work and how to protect yourself using a personal safety device. 
  • App users - How alarms work and how to protect yourself using a personal safety app. 

User Guides

Marketing collateral such as user guides/ how-to guides can be accessed via the below.

MySOS Training

MicroSOS Training

Pro App Training

MySOS ID Badge Training

Microguard Training




As well as built in walkthroughs The Help Centre is also packed with tips and tricks - NEXUS HELP CENTRE

Our recommendation is that any system administrator attends Nexus training WEBINAR prior to setting up people, alarm responses and allocate assets.


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