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Logging into multiple accounts

Why does our organisation have multiple accounts?

Nexus has multi-tenancy security to protect you and your organisations' data within our databases, and for a variety of reasons your organisation may require or have requested more than one account:

  • Security: you may have requested separate accounts for an enhanced level of data separation between different parts of your organisation.
  • Operational: your organisation may operate business units or departments in isolation from each other.
  • Contractual: you may require different groups or teams within your organisation to have individual contractual arrangements.

I have a login but can't access all the accounts?

Nexus uses your work email address to identify you and to keep your login secure. Your email addresses is your unique identifier, and there can be only one of you, once your email is used in one account it can not be associated with any other accounts.

However, it is possible to create multiple accounts in Nexus using a "trick" known as subaddressing.

Email subaddressing

With email subaddressing, you can create an unlimited number of email addresses by simply adding something after a plus sign and you’ll have a new email address.

For example, jane.doe@acme.co.uk is your main email address, to have a second account you simply create an account as jane.doe+account2@acme.co.uk.

Single Sign On with Microsoft

To prevent having to remember multiple passwords you can utilise Single Sign On (SSO) to access all the accounts associated with your email address. 

By logging in with your Microsoft credentials Nexus will automatically recognise all accounts created using the 'subaddressing' method and you will then be asked to select which account you wish to log in to:

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