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Why am I receiving errors when importing people? 

Common errors that happen when importing people can include: 

  • Copying or typing data into fields that have drop-down selectionsThese fields must have a correct value from the drop-down selection to import. Do not copy and paste data into these fields. 
  • Duplicated email addresses within the import sheet OR trying to import an email address that already exists in your account.Email addresses must be unique in Nexus, check that you are not adding duplicated email addresses when importing users.  
  • If a contact number is provided in the Personal, Work, Home, or Office Number a Primary Number must be selected from the dropdown selection. 
  • Fields being left blank that must have a value:
    • App Subscription must have None, Pro, or SOS
    • Roles (User, Manager, Admin, Escalation contact) must have either yes or no
    • Portal Access must state either yes or no. 
  • App subscriptions must be reflective of the subscriptions available in your account.Check the App page to view how many subscriptions you have available.  


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