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What can a Alarm Response Admin access in Nexus?

Access in Nexus varies depending on the role selected on the person's profile.

Alarm Response Admin roles must be assigned to a profile that already has the Manager role assigned.

Check the table below to see which areas/sections of Nexus can be viewed by a person with both the Manager & Alarm Response Admin roles selected:


Area of Nebula Sections Manager
Nexus Access Yes
  Receives Welcome Email Yes
  Can login Yes
Own Profile (the logged in person) Yes
  Update own profile Yes
  Personal settings Yes
People Management Partial*
  View user list Partial*
  Manage user list (adding/removing users) No
  Update users Partial*
  Change user Roles/Permissions No
  Assign Device/App to user Partial*
  Add user to a group No
  Add user to a Team Yes
Device & App Management Partial*
  View device/app list Partial*
  Assigning Device/App to user Partial*
  Ordering and Returns No
Teams & Groups Partial*
  View Teams & Groups Partial*
  Manage Teams / Groups (adding/removing groups) No
  Updating group info Partial*
  Adding/removing users in groups No
  Adding/removing users in Teams Yes
  Can be a manager of a group Yes
Alarm Response Information Yes
  Escalation Plans Yes
  Alarm Response Instructions Yes
  Locations Yes
  Escalation Contacts Yes
Company Profile Partial*
  Account Details View only
  Settings View only
Reports Alarm Response Admins: View only.
  Export Partial
  Scheduled Reports Partial
Map Partial*
Dashboard Partial*

* Partial access: Managers can only access, report on and update information about users assigned into the teams and groups they manage. 

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