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How to delete an Escalation Contact

Before deleting an escalation contact, you must first remove the contact from any Escalation Plans they are assigned too. 

Find and remove or replace 

  1. Login to Nexus
  2. Select Alarm Response Information in the menu, then select Contacts 
  3. Find the person you wish to delete and note which Escalation Plans they are assigned to. 
  4. Select Escalation Plans from the menu 
  5. Find an Escalation Plan that the person is assigned to and click the pencil icon to edit
  6. First remove or replace the person from any Plan instructions they are named on
  7. Then remove them from Escalation contacts by selecting the x icon by their name at the top of the page
  8. Add any people that will replace them 
  9. Click Save to update the Escalation Plan
  10. Repeat steps 5 - 8 until the person is removed from all their Escalation Plans
  11. Then proceed to deleting the persons profile

How to delete a profile 

  1. Select the person's name on the People page to open their profile 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the persons profile page
  3. Click the Delete button
delete profile.png
  1. Read the information to understand the repercussions of deleting a profile
  2. You must enter the persons first and last name exactly as it appears at the top to enable the Delete button. 
delete pop-up confirm name.png
  1. Click Delete to confirm you want to permanently delete the persns profile from Nexus. 


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