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Adding an Alarm Response Admin

The Alarm Response Admin role empowers managers to take responsibility for their team members' alarm response, which is essential to the Peoplesafe service and the protection of employees.

Adding the Alarm Response Admin role to a managers profile allows the manager to:

  • Create, edit, and remove Escalation plans 
  • Create, edit, and remove Alarm Response Instructions
  • Create, edit, and remove Locations

Without the Alarm Response Admin Role a managers can still access all areas of Nexus but can only view, edit, add, and report on the team(s) or group(s) they are assigned as manager to. 

How do I create an Alarm response admin?

Simply add the Alarm Response Admin role to any existing Manager by editing their profile or when you are adding a Manager for the first time. 


Can I add an Alarm Response Admin that isn't a Manager?

No, this role is specific for profiles with the Manager role enabled. If you attempt to add a profile with only the Alarm response admin role, there wont be sufficient permissions to complete actions correctly. 

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