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Pro App on Apple Watch

Transform your Apple Watch into a personal SOS alarm using Peoplesafe: the first, and only, professional personal safety app to be available on this device.





24/7 personal safety

Paired with your iPhone, the Apple Watch with Peoplesafe downloaded becomes an emergency response tool that can get help to the wearer faster than dialling 999.

Pressing the SOS button via the Apple Watch initiates a call to the dedicated Peoplesafe ARC. A two-way audio communication channel can be established directly with the Apple Watch or on the paired iPhone.

Having this peace of mind on your wrist offers reassurance for you and your loved ones, whether at work, engaged in outdoor activities or travelling. In situations where your iPhone is not easily accessible, or you’re unable to use it due to injury or distress, calling for help quickly and easily from your Apple Watch is invaluable.

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8 or later.

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