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What do I do if my profile is locked?

Your profile will be locked if you enter your password incorrectly 6 times.

If you receive an email stating your profile has been locked, contact your administrator.

Your administrator can follow the steps below to unlock your profile.

How to Unlock a profile:

  1. To unlock a profile, open Nexus. 
  2. When on the people page, you can find the profile within the list or search for the person’s name. 
  3. Profiles will show as ‘Locked’ in red under the status column. 
  4. Open the profile by clicking the user name, 
  5. Select Unlock. 

What happens next?

Once your profile has been unlocked, you will be able to log into Nexus as normal.

If you have forgotten your password, select the option for forgotten password and open the email to create a new password.

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