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How to create Alarm Response Instructions

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Add an Alarm Response Instruction

Alarm Response Instructions allow you to tailor the actions of the Peoplesafe Alarm Controllers when they receive an alarm. 

Please take time to familiarise yourself with Peoplesafe’s industry leading procedures covering how alarms are created, received, and responded too before getting started, as any instructions you create will build on our existing processes.   

  1. To create bespoke instructions, select Add instructions 
    Then enter a name and a description.  
  2. The Alarm Closure Code setting allows you to select an option that will be confirmed when closing an alarm to verify the user’s identity. If this isn’t confirmed correctly, the alarm will remain open.  
  3. Enabling duress words allows you to create covert code words to notify the Alarm Controllers of unsafe or dangerous situations.  
  4. You can write up to 3 special instructions for the Alarm Controller to follow. These should only be used for high-risk workers who have special circumstances. Make sure to make them short, using simple language with clear directives.  
  5. To learn more about how these instructions affect our alarm response and to find pre-existing special instructions, read our Alarm Response instructions eBook on our help centre.  
  6. Click save when you are finished.  
  7. You can edit this instruction at any time by selecting the instruction from the screen, editing the areas required and saving. Changes are made with immediate effect and will be shown to the Peoplesafe Alarm Controllers automatically.
  8. To show these instructions to Alarm Controllers, you must now add them to your company settings or to a specific team.  


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