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What if I have less than 3 escalation contacts?

Why do we ask for 3 escalation contacts?

In decades of experience managing alarms, we know that a minimum of 3 contacts is what we need to support in emergencies. If we need additional information on an ongoing incident, we need help immediately and we have higher chances of getting the assistance we need if we have 3 contacts. 

How to find additional escalation contacts:

We recommend you first try to find people who can be escalation contacts within your organisation, these could be:

  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Team Managers
  • Regional/Divisional Managers 
  • HR Assistants/Managers 
  • Security Team Members 
  • Health & Safety Team Members/Managers

Escalation Contacts & Plans eBook 

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If you still cannot provide additional escalation contacts

We do not recommend using less than 3 contacts on an escalation plan. You must add 3 escalation contacts and 3 instructions to an escalation plan to create one. 

Add 3 contacts and use the 3/or more instructions and note to point the Alarm Controller to the specific escalation contact you want them to call:

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