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How many escalation contacts can I add to an escalation plan?

Maximum & Minimum Escalation Contacts

You should have a minimum of 3 escalation contacts per plan to ensure there is proper support to any incoming alarm. 

You can add up to 20 escalation contacts per plan. 

Remember that you can also add the team manager and location as contacts within the plan instructions, allowing you up to 12 points of contact per escalation plan. 

We advise that you think critically about who in your organisation should be a contact, as this is an incredibly important role. 

Escalation Contacts & Plans eBook 

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Adding Escalation Contacts

On the People page

  1. To add a Escalation Contact open the people page on the menu then select the add person button.  
  2. Choose the Escalation Contact role and any other roles that the person requires.
  3. The minimum information required to create an Escalation Contact is their name and surname, and at least one contact number. 
  4. We recommend providing any contact numbers available, so that we can always reach them in the event of an emergency. Select a phone number as primary.  
  5. You can now save the profile. 

On the Contacts page

  1. Open alarm response information, then selecting the contacts page. Press the add button.  
  2. Search for the name of the person to find an existing profile  
    • If the person or people appear in the search list, Tick the box shown to add the Escalation Contact role to their profile.
    • If the person or people do not have a profile, select the create profile button to create a new person in. This will update the profile and include the Escalation Contact role. 

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