Managing Apps & Devices

Assign, swap & unassign apps & devices within your account.

How to assign an app to a user?

Assigning App Subscriptions

To assign an app to a user, the user must have an activated profile with portal access enabled.  

The users Nexus email and password for Nexus is also their app login credentials.  

You can assign an app on the Apps page or directly onto a persons profile.


Assigning an app on the app page

  1. Open the Apps & Devices option on the menu then select Apps.  
  2. Here you can view summaries of the total apps you have, how many are left to be assigned and how many are in use.  
  3. Click the assign button and. choose the app type you would like to assign, then search and select a person from the dropdown menu.  
  4. Only activated users will appear within the list, so if you cannot find the person, review and update their profile.  
  5. Finally, select confirm and an email will be sent to the person, providing guidance on how to get  access to the app, training and set up information.  


Apps on the Persons Profile

On the People page, select an activated user who has portal access.

The Apps and Devices panel on Users profiles provides a summary of the devices assigned to any one user.  As well as adding a subscription, you can select Edit app subscription to make changes, including removing access. 

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