Managing Apps & Devices

Assign, swap & unassign apps & devices within your account.

How do I swap devices between people?

Assigning & Unassigning Devices

To assign a device to a user, the user must have a profile that is activated. Please check that there is a profile with an activated status in the people page before trying to assign a device.  

You can assign a device on the device page, in the people page or within a team.

On the device page  

  1. Open the Apps & Devices option on the menu then select devices.  
  2. Here you can view summaries of the total devices you have, how many are available to be assigned and how many are available to be assigned.  
  3. Find the device within the list, by searching for the device‚Äôs serial number.  
    • To assign the device, select the add button and a dropdown box will appear under the assignment section. 
    • To swap the device, from one user to another select the button with 2 arrows to  show the drop down box. 
  4. Only activated users will appear within the list. Choose the user you would like to assign then select the add button to confirm and save.  
  5. To unassign the device, select the minus button and confirm. This will update the devices available within your account summary.  

On the people page  

  1. You can also assign devices within the people page or on the teams page, when viewing a specific team. On both pages there are quick actions to add or remove devices from people.  
  2. Select the add button on the activated user you would like to assign a device to.  
  3. A page will open showing devices/apps currently assigned to the user and all devices available within your account.  
  4. Find the device using its serial number within the list and select the add button, then confirm that you would like to assign the device.  
  5. Follow the same process using the minus button to unassign the device from a user.  

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