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What happens if I reduce the quantity of app subscriptions?

Should you reduce the quantity of apps?

If you have reduced the number of employees working in the role, you can speak with your Account Manager or our Sales team.

If you still have the same number of employees completing the role/s, you should first consider if this will affect the safety of your staff. If a risk assessment has flagged the job role as needing a personal safety app as a control measure, consider first if these risks are now no longer present before removing their app subscription. If you remove the app subscription and an incident occurs, your decision could be investigated by the HSE, depending on the severity of the incident. 


We put your employee’s safety first

If you reduce the quantity of app subscriptions and the apps are assigned to people already, they will not be stopped from using their personal safety app.

The subscription count on your summary will change and you will be required to identify and remove apps.

Once the apps have been removed, the user will be logged out of their app. 


How to remove an app subscription

Removing a App from a user is simple, return to the Apps & Devices option on the menu then select Apps.  

  1. Find the assigned user within the list using the search and filter options.  
  2. Select the edit icon  
  3. Choose the option for none.

This will update the summary at the top of the screen to show 1 more subscription left to be used.  

When the person next opens their app they will be taken to a login screen, if they try to login, an message will show to confirm their subscription has been removed.  

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