Managing Apps & Devices

Assign, swap & unassign apps & devices within your account.

How to identify unassigned devices

Devices can be assigned by any Manager to a person in their team, to allow you to utilise as many devices as possible across your company's account. This means you do not leave devices out of use, and can realise the full benefit of the service.

When you have devices in different physical locations, it is important to keep track of which devices are registered to a specific team or location when they are unassigned and available for use. 


Add a description to the device

We recommend adding team or location names to device descriptions, so you know where the physical devices are located or adding notes to show their status, like lost or awaiting replacement. 

  1. Open the Device & Apps Page 
  2. Select the Device page 
  3. Search for the device you want to edit, using the serial search box. 
  4. Select the device to open the device details page. 
  5. Select Edit on the Description box 
  6. device description.png
  7. Enter text into the description box
  8. eam device description .png
  9. Save the description 


You can now view these descriptions in bulk by running the devices & apps report and sorting the list by description. 

device & apps report description .png

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