Managing Apps & Devices

Assign, swap & unassign apps & devices within your account.

How to view and manage devices


  1. Open the Apps & Devices menu option 

  2. Select the Devices page

This will present a list of all devices within your account (Administrator) or all devices assigned to your team (Manager) and any available devices in your account (All). 

The filters and search bars available, allow you to easily locate specific devices or those in a team, with low battery or by communication date. Filters can be cleared. You can sort using any of the available columns by using the arrow icons. 

Click on the device line to open the device detail page, or, click on the assigned person's name to open their profile. 

Quick actions are available to assign a device, change the assignment, or unassign the device. 

You can change the number of devices per page from 10-30 and navigate pages using the arrow icons or page numbers shown at the bottom right of the page. 


View a Device's details

  1. Open the Apps & Devices menu option 

  2. Select the Devices page

  3. Find the device within the list. 

  4. Select the device 

  5. The device details page will appear 

Here you can view information on the device, each section can hold up to 15 records of recent history on the device. 

Device Details section




A summary of the current device details and last know battery & communication. 

Managers & Administrators 

Alarm History

Most recent alarms raised on the device.

Managers & Administrators 

Usage History 

Recent device activity and the event types.

Managers & Administrators 

Location History

Last locations received with position details.

Managers & Administrators 
(Can be restricted) 

Battery History 

Recent battery percentage information 

Managers & Administrators 

Audit History

View changes made to the device 

Managers & Administrators 
(Can be restricted) 


View the current features available on the device. 

Managers & Administrators 

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